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The Hague Court of Appeal on June 28, 2022 has attached the trademarks of the Federal Treasury Enterprise "Sojuzplodoimport" in the territory of the Benelux countries, reversing the judgment of the court of first instance as of October 27, 2020.



The Patent Office of Georgia completed registration of trademarks «Stolichnaya» (Certificate No. M 35110) and «Столичная» (Certificate No. M 35112) in the name of  Federal Treasure Enterprise Sojuzplodoimport on February 23, 2022...



The chain reaction of positive court rulings launched eight years ago by the Dutch Supreme Court, which finally recognised the legitimate claims of the FKP Sojuzplodoimport to the legendary trademarks STOLICHNAYA and MOSKOVSKAYA, continues to gain momentum...



The Supreme Court of the Netherlands finally recognized Federal Treasury Enterprise Sojuzplodoimport as the sole legal owner of the Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya trademarks in the territory of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The decision has entered into force and is not subject to appeal...


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