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Production of the«KUBANSKAYA»vodka product by the distilleries of the Russian Glavspirt system began since 1931.

TheKUBANSKAYAtrademark was first registered in Russia on October 10, 1969 (registration no. 38386) in the name of

For the purposes of exportingKUBANSKAYAvodka product theKUBANSKAYAtrademarks were registered worldwide, i.e. in Danmark in 1977, in Iceland in 1976, in Azerbaidzhan in 1974, in Greece in 1990, in Israel in 1992, in Cyprus in 1990, etc.

Currently FTESojuzplodoimporthas the rights to theKUBANSKAYAtrademarks in 9 countries if the world, including Azerbaidzhan, Great Britain, Benelux, USA, Austria, Germany, Spain, Poland, etc.

The mere name ofKUBANSKAYAvodka stands on its own. Kuban is the national symbol of fecundity and the genuine Russian spirit. Kuban is where the steppes are boundless, seas are full of fish, mountain rivers are rapid and clean, the forests are scenic and fertile lands are planted with golden wheat. Kuban is where the real Russian people live, whose baldness and courage were elegized in numerous legends and songs -- generous, strong Kuban Cossacks.

From the time immemorial the Cossacks produced their own vodka, or as they otherwise called it – “the wheat wine”. The drink had a delicate flavor, slightly bitter taste and a pleasant aroma, and at the same time it was a hard drink.


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