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«SIBIRSKAYA»is a state brand and has its history since the 70s of the

XX century. In 1976, the best Soviet technologists developed the original recipe for vodkaSIBIRSKAYA, and already in 1977 it first appeared in shops.

VodkaSIBIRSKAYAoffered the buyer a new standard of quality for those times: alcohol of the highest purity (Extra, and subsequently Lux) and 45% alcohol by volume.

SIBIRSKAYA is one of the most famous Russian vodkas, which along with such famous brands as MOSKOVSKAYA, STOLICHNAYA, RUSSKAYA created the glory of the Soviet vodka industry. Since 1977, when the mass production of vodka under the brand name SIBIRSKAYA began, and so far it has been manufactured using classical technology, using only natural ingredients.

Today, as well as throughout its history, the trademarkSIBIRSKAYA belongs to the state. The FTESojuzplodoimportcontrols the quality of products produced under this trademark throughout the entire technological process.

SIBIRSKAYAvodka has a natural, simple and clear composition. All the quality standards are carefully monitored at the production facilities.

High-quality ethyl alcohol from grain raw materials in combination with the infusion of pine nuts provides the product with a clean taste of vodka, refined with a thin cedar shade. The picture is supplemented with specially prepared water and sugar syrup, givingSIBIRSKAYAvodka softness and imparting easy-drinking. Real Siberian honey is also included into the recipe.


  • 2012 – Silver Medal of Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute;
  • 2013 - Double Gold Medal of San Francisco World Spirits Competition;
  • 2014 - Gold Medal of World Food (Moscow).


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