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The history of legendary "RUSSKAYA" dates back to the 60s of the XX century and occupies a special place among Russian vodka brands. Its Russian nature is already inherent in its very name.

The recipe of vodka“RUSSKAYA”was developed in 1967 by technologists L. Milovanova and P. Rodionova with Leningrad Distillery. The principal feature of RUSSKAYA distinguishing it from earlier technologies lies in utilization of a new technology of rectification enabling to eliminate harmful infusions from the product. This feature streamlined the improvement of flavour, as well as the quality of vodka in general.

Since the early 70s RUSSKAYA became the most popular Soviet and afterwards Russian vodka brand. Practically ideal value for money and classic taste, comprehensible for the majority of consumers, doubled the attractiveness of this vodka and contributed to its confident leadership in sales in the national spirits market.

Since 1977 market share of RUSSKAYA vodka increased from 19% to 68% of overall vodka and other spirits production in the USSR.

The volume of production and sales of RUSSKAYA vodka had achieved record levels by the 80s: 187 mln decalitres of RUSSKAYA was produced nationally only in 1982. That’s the absolute record in the world history of spirits!

The RUSSKAYA trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in Russia in 1985. In order to promote the state interests in the international alcohol market and raise the status and prestige of the authentic Russian vodka, FTE Sojuzplodoimport registered the designation of origin of the product Russkaya Vodka and received the first certificate for the right to use this designation under register number 65/01.

RUSSKAYA vodka, prepared according to special technology with the use of high quality spirit Lux distilled from wheat and rye, and potable soft water, is distinguished with the soft and clear taste as well as slight piquancy of the aftertaste.

Nowadays, as formerly, RUSSKAYA is considered to be the benchmark of the national Russian drink and enjoys firm standing in the Russian and world markets.


Capacity: 0,1l; 0,5l, 0,7l, 1l.

40% Vol.


1967 – Gold Medal, International Trade Fair Leipzig;

1977Big Gold Medal, International Fair Plovdiv;

2009 Gold Medal in nomination Best product of 2009, International Exhibition Prodexpo-2009 Moscow;

2009 Gold Medal in nomination For the best quality, International Exhibition Prodexpo-2009 Moscow;

2020Gold Medal, DLG 2020 Frankfurt am Main;

2021Gold Medal, DLG 2021 Frankfurt am Main;

2021Silver Medal, New Zealand Spirits Award 2021 Auckland -- Russkaya Vodka Shungite.


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