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The product line-up of famous vodka «STOLICHNAYA» is widened with the brand-new item «STOLICHNAYA Sever» (Sever means «North»).

Being a well-known brand of Russian vodka all over the world, «STOLICHNAYA» has become an integral part of the Russian culture and image. Vodka «STOLICHNAYA» was first produced under the Siege of Leningrad (now Saint-Petersburg) in 1941, that’s why Saint-Petersburg can be considered to be the historical home city of the legendary vodka. Vodka «STOLICHNAYA Sever» was launched in 2014 in honour of Saint-Petersburg, that Russians consider to be their northern maritime capital. «Stolichnaya Sever» brings a new classics to consumers, while keeping and developing the best traditions of the national vodka industry.

Vodka «STOLICHNAYA Sever» is distilled according to the classic vodka technology, modernized by the best technology experts in the industry. Only high-quality ingredients are used in production: grain spirit distilled from mix of selected sorts of wheat and rye, specially prepared artesian springs water from the Russian North, as well as sugar syrup and natural honey, imparting the special softness and velvety taste to the product. Several stages of particular rectification (filtering through the activated birch coal and the cleanest quartz sand) ensure the perfect quality, purity and transparency of vodka «STOLICHNAYA Sever».


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