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FKP «Sojuzplodoimport» is the brand owner of the number of trademarks for alcoholic, alcohol-containing and food products. All the products produced under the license of FKP «Sojuzplodoimport» meet the highest requirements of international and Russian standards. It is confirmed by the numerous awards of the prestigious national and foreign sectoral contests.

The main range of activities of 
FKP «Sojuzplodoimport» is the following:

  • protection and recovering of the exclusive intellectual property rights in the sphere of agro-industrial complex including the trademarks for the alcoholic and alcohol-containing products in Russia and abroad;
  • organization of production of the products under the trademarks which belong to the enterprise by means of concluding of license agreements for granting of the right to use the trademarks and agreements for ensuring the exclusive right to sell the products under the trademarks of the enterprise;
  • quality control of the products produced under licenses of the enterprise aiming among other goals to preserve the unique characteristics of such products;
  • promotion of alcoholic the products under the trademarks belonging to the enterprise including organization of realization of the products in the Russian and foreign markets;
  • revealing of facts of illegal use of means of individualization of the goods, taking measures for termination of violation of rights to the trademarks including stopping of commercialization of counterfeit products.

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